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Raspberry Pi Tuesday night?

Several ABLEconf participants have been eagerly awaiting the release of the Raspberry Pi! It looks like the wait might finally be over. The announcement doesn't say for certain, but it looks like the $25 and $35 computers might finally be going on sale ( Tuesday night, February 28th, Arizona time ).

Why are we excited about this? Well, aside from credit card sized computers for $35? :)

GNUmed conference in Germany

A GNUmed conference is being planned for mid-year in Germany. The announcement doesn't list specific dates, but mentions the May - July timeframe.

GNUmed builds Electronic Medical Record software. To quote from the GNUmed web site, the software can "assist and improve longitudinal care (specifically in ambulatory settings, i.e. multi-professional practices and clinics)."

Free Software jobs in abundance

The tech industry knows there's plenty of hiring going on. Those of us who specialize in Free and Open Software (FLOSS) such as GNU/Linux are even more in demand. Free Enterprise is using Free Software.

Know PHP, Java, Perl for a GNU/Linux environment? There are jobs out there. Know GNU/Linux system administration, apache, nginx? Yup, there are openings. MySQL ( and variants ), PostgreSQL, big data? Oh yeah, lots of hiring. Puppet, CFEngine, Chef? KVM, VirtualBox? Lots of places to do many things at once.

Free Software with 10 years of support from RedHat

Free Software as as business model is often questioned. How does a company make money? Well, RedHat has been proving for almost 20 years that a company can make money with Free Software.

online meeting, Wednesday, 2012Feb01

The next online meeting will be this Wednesday at 19:00 in AZLoCo's Big Blue Button instance. Any web browser that supports flash should be sufficient for participating.

We're coming up on ABLEconf and still have plenty to do before the conference. Please join the meeting and find out how you can help.

SCaLE at 10, once again an excellent experience

SCaLE 10x was once again an excellent experience. Thanks to the SCaLE volunteers who consistently put on an excellent, organized, enjoyable conference.

SCaLE 10x call for proposals ends Thursday

SCaLE's 10x call for proposals is closing Thursday. There is a bit of effort required for speaker registration, so don't wait until Thursday night to start.

Note that SCaLE 10x is a litte earlier in the year than past SCaLE conferences as it's now in January.

SCaLE 10x: January 20-22, 2012 at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport Hotel.

SCaLE design contest ends Friday, 2011Nov04

For its 10th anniversary SCaLE is running an art contest. The winner gets a free trip, including airfare within the continental US, to Los Angeles for SCaLE 10x.

Look to SCaLE's page on the contest for details.

SCalE 10x is 2012Jan20-22.

online meeting, Wednesday, 2011Nov02

November's first Wednesday of the month onlike meeting is this Wednesday, 2011Nov02.

The online meetings start at 19:00 and use AZLoCo's Big Blue Button instance. Enter a name and join the demo meeting to participate. Requires flash and javascript.

in person meeting Tuesday, 2011Oct18

The next in person meeting will be at Iguana Macks in Mesa. The meeting starts at 18:00 and runs for an hour.

If you want to eat, hang out for the Free Software Stammtisch that starts at 19:00.

Iguana Macks
1371 N. Alma School Rd
Chandler, AZ 85224


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