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March 2015 Issue of Linux Journal: System Administration

LinuxJournal - Mon, 2015, Mar02 - 09:38

System administration is a very general term. It's our job to fix problems, repair systems and remind people to try power cycling their troubled desktops. more>>

High-Availability Storage with HA-LVM

LinuxJournal - Thu, 2015, Feb26 - 14:58

In recent years, there has been a trend in which data centers have been opting for commodity hardware and software over proprietary solutions. Why shouldn't they? It offers extremely low costs and the flexibility to build an ecosystem the way it is preferred. The only limitation is the extent of the administrator's imagination. more>>

DNSMasq, the Pint-Sized Super Dæmon!

LinuxJournal - Tue, 2015, Feb24 - 15:03

I've always been a fan of putting aftermarket firmware on consumer-grade routers. Whether it's DD-WRT, Tomato, OpenWRT or whatever your favorite flavor of "better than stock" firmware might be, it just makes economic sense. Unfortunately, my routing needs have surpassed my trusty Linksys router. more>>

Localhost DNS Cache

LinuxJournal - Mon, 2015, Feb23 - 15:25

Is it weird to say that DNS is my favorite protocol? Because DNS is my favorite protocol. There's something about the simplicity of UDP packets combined with the power of a service that the entire Internet relies on that grabs my interest. Through the years, I've been impressed with just how few resources you need to run a modest DNS infrastructure for an internal network. more>>

Days Between Dates: the Counting

LinuxJournal - Thu, 2015, Feb19 - 15:16

In my last article, we began an exploration of date math by validating a given date specified by the user, then explored how GNU date offers some slick math capabilities, but has some inherent limitations, the most notable of which is that it isn't on 100% of all Linux and UNIX systems. more>>

Multitenant Sites

LinuxJournal - Wed, 2015, Feb18 - 14:49

For some time now, there has been tremendous growth in the world of Web applications. It's quite amazing to see what you can do just via a Web browser—not only can you buy just about anything, but also a growing number of sites offer "software as a service", often abbreviated as SaaS. The idea is that in exchange for a monthly service fee, you get access to a service. more>>

The Usability of GNOME

LinuxJournal - Mon, 2015, Feb16 - 13:49

I work at a university, and one of our faculty members often repeats to me, "Software needs to be like a rock; it needs to be that easy to use." And, she's right. Because if software is too hard to use, no one will want to use it. more>>

Linux for Astronomers

LinuxJournal - Thu, 2015, Feb12 - 12:59

I've looked at specialty distributions that were created for engineers and biologists in previous articles, but these aren't the only scientific disciplines that have their own distributions. So in this article, I introduce a distribution created specifically for astronomers, called Distro Astro. more>>

Elementary, My Dear Linux User

LinuxJournal - Wed, 2015, Feb11 - 15:38

I suspect there are as many Ubuntu-based Linux distributions as there are all other distributions combined. Many of them are designed with a specific purpose in mind. Whether the desire is for a different looking desktop, custom kernel or just pre-installed packages, there's probably a version of *buntu out there to fit every need. more>>

Computer Technology Conference Feb 19-21

AZ Loco - Mon, 2015, Feb09 - 13:13

AZLoco is proud to be attending the Computer Technology Conference this year
we will have a booth Friday from 3-6PM in the fountain Building and then
Sat, Febuary 17, 10am – 4pm we will hold the Linux installfest/workshop in the
Superstition Building
Anyone interested in learning more about open source or Linux is invited to a open workshop/installfest!
We can just chat and answer questions or we can install almost any version of Linux on your computer or any device that can run linux (you must bring everything needed to use your computer (e.g. monitor, keyboard, cords, etc). We will have local linux users and experts on hand to assit you one on one with your computer project. We will have power and networking and install media on hand. A Very fun event. We are also happy to fix problems, answer questions or simply discuss free software. Please see the calendar at or check at our booth at the event.
Arizona Golf Resort
425 South Power Road
Mesa, AZ 85206

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Real-Time Rogue Wireless Access Point Detection with the Raspberry Pi

LinuxJournal - Mon, 2015, Feb09 - 11:33

Years ago, I worked for an automotive IT provider, and occasionally we went out to the plants to search for rogue Wireless Access Points (WAPs). A rogue WAP is one that the company hasn't approved to be there. So if someone were to go and buy a wireless router, and plug it in to the network, that would be a rogue WAP. more>>


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