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Monitoring Android Traffic with Wireshark

LinuxJournal - Thu, 2014, Aug14 - 15:05

The ubiquity and convenience of smartphones has been a real boon for getting information on the go. more>>

IndieBox: for Gamers Who Miss Boxes!

LinuxJournal - Wed, 2014, Aug13 - 11:30

There are lots of cool ideas on the Internet that never really make it out of the "startup" phase. IndieBox has been around only for a few months, but I really, really hope it catches on.

Here's the idea:

  • Every month, you get a Linux/Mac/Windows-compatible Indie game in the mail. more>>

Non-Linux FOSS: a Virtualized Cisco Infrastructure?

LinuxJournal - Mon, 2014, Aug11 - 11:32

We're all familiar with the idea of virtualized computers. Not only are they a great way to better utilize resources in a server room, but they also allow you to create and destroy servers in the blink of an eye. That's perfect for a lab or training environment. Unfortunately, it's always taken a rack of actual hardware to create a training lab for Cisco hardware. more>>

Linux Security Threats on the Rise

LinuxJournal - Fri, 2014, Aug08 - 12:40

Every year, heck...every month, Linux is adopted by more companies and organizations as an important if not primary component of their enterprise platform. And the more serious the hardware platform, the more likely it is to be running Linux. 60% of servers, 70% of Web servers and 95% of all supercomputers are Linux-based! more>>


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