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Android Candy: Quit Thumbing Your Passwords!

LinuxJournal - Thu, 2014, Sep04 - 12:14

I use my phone more often to log in to on-line accounts than I use a computer. I can assure you it's not because typing passwords on a tiny keyboard is fun. For most of us, we just have instant access to our phones at any given time during the day. more>>

Stuff That Matters

LinuxJournal - Wed, 2014, Sep03 - 13:57

Are we going to get real about privacy for everybody—or just hunker in our own bunkers? more>>

September 2014 Issue of Linux Journal: HOW-TOs

LinuxJournal - Tue, 2014, Sep02 - 12:16
How'd You Do That?

Open-source advocates tend to make for rotten magicians. more>>


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