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Ideal Backups with zbackup

LinuxJournal - Mon, 2015, Jan19 - 12:28

Data is growing both in volume and importance. As time goes on, the amount of data that we need to store is growing, and the data itself is becoming more and more critical for organizations. It is becoming increasingly important to be able to back up and restore this information quickly and reliably. Using cloud-based systems spreads out the data over many servers and locations. more>>

Non-Linux FOSS: Animation Made Easy

LinuxJournal - Wed, 2015, Jan14 - 14:56

If you've ever wanted to make an animated film, the learning curve for such software often is really steep. Thankfully, the Pencil program was released and although basic, it provided a fairly simple way to create animations on your computer (Windows, Mac or Linux) with open-source tools. Unfortunately, the Pencil program was abandoned. more>>

Internet of Things Blows Away CES, and it May Be Hunting for YOU Next

LinuxJournal - Mon, 2015, Jan12 - 14:44

Originally this article’s purpose was to discuss all the exciting happenings surrounding the 2015 International CES “Internet of Things” Showcase in Las Vegas, Nevada. After all, of the 3600+ exhibitors, there were fully 900 exhibitors with IoT designation at this most-amazing-of-all trade shows, and 170,000 people came through the turnstiles to see the spectacle! more>>

Slow System? iotop Is Your Friend

LinuxJournal - Mon, 2015, Jan12 - 14:17

Back in 2010, Kyle Rankin did an incredible series on Linux Troubleshooting. In Part 1, he talked about troubleshooting a system struggling with a high load. more>>

Creating a MultiBoot USB Drive Using Ubuntu

AZ Loco - Sat, 2015, Jan10 - 00:34
AttachmentSize Multiple Installation Images on One Bootable USB Drive170.69 KB

The document below provides minimal instructions to create a bootable thumb drive using MultiSystem that will allow you to boot to .iso images on the same drive. MultiSystem is open source software that gives you an easy and convenient way to carry around multiple installation .iso files. It's great for Install Fests or to use as a means to run a Live LINUX instance of any version you may need.

While MultiSystem may have other uses, functions, or tools, these instructions are limited to just the multiboot aspect. If you are using the bootable USB you created on a Windows 8 platform (or any system with UEFI/Secure Boot), check out the article posted by wmack here:

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diff -u: What's New in Kernel Development

LinuxJournal - Thu, 2015, Jan08 - 10:50

David Drysdale wanted to add Capsicum security features to Linux after he noticed that FreeBSD already had Capsicum support. Capsicum defines fine-grained security privileges, not unlike filesystem capabilities. But as David discovered, Capsicum also has some controversy surrounding it. more>>

Android Candy: Disney Everywhere, Even Android!

LinuxJournal - Mon, 2015, Jan05 - 12:06

As a father of three girls, I have piles and piles of Disney DVDs and Blu-rays. I occasionally look at the "Digital Copy" information and roll my eyes, because it requires some odd Windows DRM software or some other convoluted watching method that usually isn't possible or even interesting for me. more>>

Hats Off to Mozilla

LinuxJournal - Fri, 2015, Jan02 - 14:10

Firefox turned ten years old last November and celebrated the occasion with a new version (33.1) that featured a much-welcomed developer edition. It also featured a "forget" button that lets you backspace through time, blowing away history, cookies and open tabs: one more privacy tool for the shed. more>>

January 2015 Issue of Linux Journal: Security

LinuxJournal - Thu, 2015, Jan01 - 15:27
Security: a Method, Not a Goal

The Security issue of Linux Journal always makes me feel a little guilty. It turns out that although I have a fairly wide set of technology skills, I'm not the person you want in charge of securing your network or your systems. By default, Linux is designed with a moderate amount of security in mind. For that, I am incredibly grateful. more>>

Purism Librem 15

LinuxJournal - Wed, 2014, Dec31 - 11:22

I've been a fan of Free Software for quite some time, but for the most part I've found my opinions lean in the more pragmatic Bruce Perens Open Source camp. I value free software ideals but also accept other Open Source licenses that may not meet the strict definition of Free Software. I also don't refer to it as GNU/Linux. more>>

2014 Book Roundup

LinuxJournal - Mon, 2014, Dec29 - 12:30

As I write these words, the end of the year is approaching, and with it, so is the time for my annual book roundup. As in past years, in this article, I describe books that were new to me during the past 12 months, which means that I might well mention some new ones or ignore others that simply didn't come to my attention. more>>

New Products

LinuxJournal - Mon, 2014, Dec22 - 12:49
New Products for December 2014.

Android Candy: Google Keep

LinuxJournal - Fri, 2014, Dec19 - 13:21

I love Evernote. I pay for a premium membership, and to be honest, I don't think I even use the premium features. I just love Evernote so much, I want to support the company. But in the spirit of fair comparison, I forced myself to try Google Keep. more>>

Handling the workloads of the Future

LinuxJournal - Thu, 2014, Dec18 - 11:26

The history of computing can be traced by the popular buzzwords of the day. In fact, at some point we should run a contest where everyone submits their 5 all-time favorite computer industry buzzwords. There have been dumb terminals, smart terminals, client server, thin client, peer-to-peer, virtualization, containers, cloud, paas, saas, iaas…the list, and the acronyms stretch to the horizon. more>>


LinuxJournal - Tue, 2014, Dec16 - 13:35

In June 2013, we had the unfortunate luck of a basement flood, caused by a tripped electrical breaker connected to our sump pump. There are so many things that can go wrong with a sump pump. You always are on guard for power outages, blown breakers, sump pump failures, clogged pipes and all manner of issues that can arise, which ultimately can end with a flooded basement. more>>

diff -u: What's New in Kernel Development

LinuxJournal - Fri, 2014, Dec12 - 11:36

Containers are very tricky to implement. Trying to isolate sets of resources from each other completely, so that they resemble a discrete system, and doing it in a secure way, has to be addressed on a feature-by-feature basis, with many caveats and uncertainties. more>>

Non-Linux FOSS: Don't Type All Those Words!

LinuxJournal - Wed, 2014, Dec10 - 12:42

We've mentioned Autokey as a great tool for text replacement in real time on Linux. Thankfully, there's an option for Windows users that actually is even more powerful than Autokey! AutoHotkey is a similarly named application that runs strictly under Windows. more>>

Computing without a Computer

LinuxJournal - Mon, 2014, Dec08 - 11:14

I've covered a lot of various pieces of software that are designed to help you do scientific calculations of one type or another, but I have neglected a whole class of computational tools that is rarely used anymore. Before there was the electronic computer, computations had to be made by hand, so they were error-prone. more>>


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