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Linux is Everywhere...So where do we go from here?

LinuxJournal - Fri, 2014, Jun06 - 06:00
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We all know that Linux has changed the small ways and large. One of the ways it's changed the world is by changing the way work gets done in corporations, big and small, around the world. As with the computer itself, the effects of ever-advancing Linux seem evolutionary and "slow & steady" from day to day. more>>

In the Matrix of Mobile, Linux Is Zion

LinuxJournal - Wed, 2014, Jun04 - 12:29

In mobile we are losing the free world called the Web and the Net. How do we save it? more>>

June 2014 Issue of Linux Journal: Networking

LinuxJournal - Tue, 2014, Jun03 - 10:21

I tend to be a fairly funny guy. Well, at least I think I'm funny. My kids
might disagree. The thing is, it's hard to find a group of people to more>>

June 2014 Video Preview

LinuxJournal - Sun, 2014, Jun01 - 18:00

Resizing Images with ImageMagick

LinuxJournal - Thu, 2014, May29 - 12:55

Sure, you can open up a graphics program like GIMP and resize an image, but what if you want to resize 10, 50 or 200 images? ImageMagick's convert program is just what you need. more>>

A Little GUI for Your CLI

LinuxJournal - Wed, 2014, May28 - 13:34

I've tried pretty much every IRC client available for both Linux and OS X. (I use both platforms during my day job.) No matter how many times I try to find a GUI application that meets my needs, I always turn back to Irssi. more>>

Another UEFI Adventure

AZ Loco - Wed, 2014, May28 - 09:21

I recently bought a new used Lenovo V570 laptop and wanted to dual boot it with windows 7 and Ubuntu 14.05. I found the drive had been erased with the exception of a recovery partition, but I was unable to access it.

Step 1:
I tried using the original format which was msdos and installed a fresh Windows 7. Unfortunately that failed. The Windows disk required GPT.

Step 2:
Booted live Linux change to GPT and create partitions. installed Windows 7, then installed Ubuntu 14.04. Ubuntu 14.04 installed ok until reboot, then it only showed Windows 7 with no way to get to other operating systems. I checked boot order and checked boot options and tested Windows boot loader option with no luck. Checked Google for a solutin and updated the Bios. Reinstalled failed.

Step 3:
Per one of the forums, I found a recomendation to install as msdos, create the partitions and install Ubuntu 14.04 to rear of HDD, then install Windows 7 from a usb drive (Microsoft has a free downloadable tool to convert a ISO or DVD to a usb) I then use grub rescue to reinstal grub 2. I did find that Windows would install to msdos with no errors of GPT not found.But grub rescue did not work. Using wmacks guide below, I was able to restore grub 2 and make everything work.

Final thoughts:
As shown by wmack's blog below each UEFI is different and there is no standard way to do anything. I may retry with GPT in order to understand better how it works.

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